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About Us

At M3ai we are enthusiastic about data ecosystems. Beyond our core offerings of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science solutions, we specialize in building robust data architecture and processes that optimize the delivery of your advanced analytics needs.

Our Story

Founded by a husband and wife team in March 2021 with the intention of providing Advanced Analytics solutions to both private and public sectors.
Since July 2021 we have worked with a multitude of companies in different industry verticals providing data solutions in terms of Consulting, R&D, Production and Proof of Concept.

In collaboration with our partners, we have built custom SaaS and AI products for Fortune 500 companies both for R&D labs as well as integrated into production.
Our ideal customer is seeking to modernize their analytics through adoption of advanced data science and enabling digital transformations through optimizing their associated architecture and processes.

Martin Malasky (co-founder) is a Data Scientist who comes from a strong Business Intelligence and Data engineering background and acts as technical lead providing end-to-end solutions for corporations and US Government customers alike.
Martin Attended UC Berkeley and later UC San Diego to study Computer Engineering/ Science specializing in Data Science and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Martin has led many technology efforts for life sciences companies such as Genentech and other Fortune 100 companies to create custom data reporting and analytics software. After graduating with a MS from UCSD he joined NBCUniversal as a Technology Lead he developed custom AI models for a complex NLP problem and backend infrastructure to support the real time efforts for NBC’s streaming platform Peacock. Since departing NBC he created M3ai with his wife to continue to build end-to-end data platforms and solutions for a multitude of corporate clients.
Sara Hendrix (co-founder) works to support M3ai’s efforts as a corporate officer leading compliance, finance and internal process.
We have additional engineering specialists on staff to support our efforts to dynamically provide excellent integration and best practices for a variety of technology stacks related to databases, cloud and AI.
Our company specifically does not provide website solutions or design beyond functional proof of concept or integration with existing solutions.

Experienced Leadership

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